How to Hire a Reputable Plumber

As any homeowner knows, plumbing in a home can easily get damaged and often requires repair, repairs that can often be too complex for even the handiest homeowner to do themselves, especially considering the fact that if it is done improperly the resulting damage can cause a relatively cheap and easy fix to exponentially increase in cost. This means plumbing is usually best left to the skilled, and insured, professionals.

Unfortunately, not all plumbers are created equal. I’ve been using the absolute best Palm Harbor plumbing service and skills vary greatly from one plumber to the next and it can often be difficult to determine just who to hire. There are multiple ways to get information about a plumber’s reputation in order to guide you in your hiring decision. Important information can include licensing information, testimonials about things like timeliness and quality, prices, availability, ratings, criminal records, etc.

A good starting point when looking for a plumber is review websites like Home Advisor and Angie’s List. These sites have a large list of plumbers to choose from and they have plenty of information available to help you evaluate the reputation of each plumber, allowing you to choose the correct one for the job at hand. The information on these websites are usually reliable, but it can be helpful to look up the plumbers you find on one site on the other sites as well so that you can get a larger collection of information as well as being able to compare the information between sites as it can often differ, sometimes drastically.

Another good way to get information about plumbers is to speak to people you trust, such as family members, friends, and neighbors, and ask them for their reviews and opinions on the plumbers they have worked with in the past. Online reviews are one thing, but first-hand, no-holds-barred stories and complaints (or compliments) about individuals from candid and honest people that you know personally can often convey more than reviews, although one must be careful to take some things with a grain of salt if they appear incredulous or exaggerated. You should ask clarifying questions to try to get to the truth. Besides the potential for bias or exaggeration, another weakness of personal stories is that your circle of family and friends will likely only have a small number of plumbers to review, thus limiting the amount of information you can collect from them. This can be a problem if their plumbers aren’t available or are located in a different geographic area. Therefore, it is important to not only utilize this method of information gathering, but to combine it with the other methods.

No matter how you find a plumber and acquire information about them, you should always be sure to check for their insurance and any applicable licenses. It is also advisable to conduct a criminal background check, especially if they will be left unattended in your home. These things can usually be done cheaply online, but often this information is already available through the review sites mentioned earlier. If you are going to rely on this information from the review sites, it is worthwhile to check multiple sites to corroborate the information to insure it is accurate and update. It is advisable to run the plumber’s name through the sex offender registry yourself, even if this information is already presented on a review site, as this is easy to do and the consequences of being incorrect about this piece of information is dire.

In conclusion, it is vital that plumbing work be completed by a reputable professional. When selecting a reputable plumber, it is important to get as much relevant and accurate information, from reliable sources, as possible and to carefully weigh and evaluate this information in order to make the best choice for the job at hand.